NCYC 2019

National Catholic Youth Conference

Once again, St. Patrick's invites you and your parents to attend an informational meeting about the National Catholic Youth Conference 2019! 

If unable to attend this meeting, and would like some more information, please contact parish office at (308) 254-2828. 

The next parent/teen meeting will be on Thursday, November 8th at 6:00 p.m., parish center double classroom.

Here are some of the great photos that were taken at the last NCYC!


Thank you Fr. Mike for getting up so early to see our youth group off and to bless us!


Getting to DIA!

At the airport, checking in Luggage! Getting so excited!

Eating Breakfast at DIA!


Ready for this journey of Faith!

Waiting for our flight!!! 


Getting ready to board! 

We made it!

At Lucus Oil Stadium for one of the general sessions!



Look who we met at one of the general sessions!  Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt!



Friday morning we learned about the Saints and those who are on their way to Sainthood. 
We learned about their response to God's call to Christ. 
They reminded us to LIVE our lives in SERVICE of our GOD! 
The focus was on Thea Bowman, Venerable Pierre Toussant, Blessed Pierre Geogio Frassati, St. Joselito Sanchez del Rio, St. Tersa of Los Andes, St. Kateri Tekekwitha, St. Andrew Dung-Lac, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and St. Damien of Molokai!
Our keynote speaker was Sr. Miriam James Heidland. She was fantastic!

Enjoying the thematic park by painting with our fabulous chaperones!  A big thank you to the three chaperones. This year the thematic village was called:  From Sea to Shining Sea!
We have the freedom in our country to share, express, and live our Catholic Faith! 
God is calling each of us to deepen our relationship with him and to be of service to others.  How is God calling you now???

I think he found the perfect T-shirt!

Enjoying lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe! 


 Cute pic. of these NCYCer's. Twinning is always fun!

Coming home!  Happy to be coming home but grateful for the 3 days of truly feeling the presence of Christ! NCYC was amazing, we were educated, inspired and entertained!

So now the trip is over. We head back to our normal routines... the daily grind. 
Please take the time to think about your favorite memory of NCYC?

What did you hear or learn that you still remember?

Has this trip changed you somehow? 
What can you do as a family to keep the spirit of NCYC alive? 

Remember you..... were CALLED!