Hands for Growing

Growing Gardens, Growing Healthy Relationships


  Our children and teens see relationships portrayed in many, many ways. How are they to know which are healthy, safe relationships and which are not?

 Summer time fun!
Hands for Growing is a fun,hands-on experience for young people who will be entering 6th, 7th or 8th in the coming school year. We learn skills needed to grow a healthy garden and relate those to skills needed to grow healthy relationships. For example, some of our topics are: Good Foundations, Boundaries, Identifying Signs, and Handling Conflict.

​Young people who have participated in the past have been very positive about their experience and often return for a second and third year.

Registration will begin in April of 2018, and then,  get ready for a summer of fun, learning and friendship! 

Hands for Growing is open to kids who are not members of St. Patrick's also...so invite your friends to sign up!

​Hands for Growing is a partnership of St. Patrick's Safe Environment Program and DOVES.







A look back at last summer's schedule with Target Dates (so called because things change with weather and what the garden is doing):

* Week 1, May 31-Initial Garden Site Meeting, Introductions
* Week 2, June 7- Good Foundations
* Week 3, June 14- Boundaries
* Week 4, June 21- Handling Conflict
* Week 5, June 28

Garden Thugs and Bullies
* Week 6, July 5 - Identifying Signs
* Week 7, July 12- 

* Week 8, July 19 - Oh, the Pressure!
* Week 9, July 26 - Getting By With a Little Help From Our Friends
* Week 10, Aug. 2 - 3 Ways Gardening is Like Dating
* Week 11, Aug. 9 - See How Our Garden Grows
* Week 12, Aug. 16 - Shifting Gears and Evening Family Celebration

Hopefully Never! - Disaster Strikes - What do we do if the garden gets hailed out or otherwise destroyed? What do you do if a relationship "gets hailed out"?

We did have to use Disaster Strikes last summer (2017) due to a hail storm.