Allelu is Over, but it was a GREAT week!!!

Allelu Angels 2018

Thank you for another great year!

We want to thank everyone who helped make Allelu a huge success.  Thank you to the 15 children who participated.  We hope you had a great week! 

We also want to thank the many volunteers, whose gift of time helped to make the week run so smoothly.  

A big thank you to Ami Jaggers and Julianna Kalinowski for your dedication to evangelization and for sharing their enthusiasm for the Faith with our children.  Ami Jaggers was our 2018 coordinator and Julianna Kalinowski was our teacher/catechist!!

Much gratitude to the many that provided snacks, and drinks, for the entire week! We appreciate your support! 

Again, many thanks to everyone who had a hand in making Allelu such a great week for our kiddos!  Have a wonderful summer!!! 

Thank you for another great year!  Joan

Praying before snack time!

Praying for a great Day! Thanks Mrs. Kalinowski for helping us learn our prayers!

Allelu Angels 2017